Dr. Prabhakar Shetty's method of treatment is a synthetic approach involving the disciplines of Internal Medicine, Surgery and Homoeopathic Therapeutics.

The Internal Medicine aspect covers the control of blood sugar levels in the affected person essentially with the help of Insulin, Oral Hypoglycaemic agents and a good diet control program.
Dr. Prabhakar Shetty
Dr.Prabhakar Shetty.

The Surgical aspect covers Wound management, by a thorough, meticulous debridement done on a daily basis or even twice a day when required.
It also involves control of septicaemic conditions, which occur more often than not, in cases of Diabetic Foot i.e secondary infection with resultant septicaemia. This is achieved with the help of parenteral antibiotics selected only after a SCAST( Swab Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity Test).

The Homoeopathic Treatment however is the most important aspect of Dr. Shetty's method of Treatment as it is only with the help of Oral Homoeopathic Medicines that we can improve the blood supply to the gangrenous part or tissue.

This is achieved probably by the release of Cytokines like platelet derived growth factor which promote neoangiogenesis which in turn help in establishing good collateral vessel formation. Without the oral Homoeopathic medicine the treatment would be an utter failure as the blood supply to the affected part would be grossly inadequate even to the point of ischaemia. In such a scenario even antibiotic therapy or blood cell malleability increasing drugs would not reach anywhere near the site of necrosis(gangrene) and infection.

We can thus conclude that without the Homoeopathic Medicines There would be no cure and the treatment would hold no meaning.If you like to order Dr.Prabhakar Shetty's oral Homoeopathic medicine kindly contact us.

Along with the Oral Homoeopathic Medicines which help in revascularisation of the ischaemic leg, foot or any other body(depending on the presence of a rich collateral supply) the antibiotics(parenteral ) find their way to the site of infection and can do their work of preventing life threatening Septicaemia.

We can thus conclude that antibiotics or any other medicines prescribed by the physician or surgeon for any other parameters are not antagonistic with Homoeopathic medicines and must be continued as prescribed. This is the synthetic approach for Diabetic foot in its totality. Immunosuppressant drugs are however contraindicated.

Local Wound healing and care of the infected tisue is achieved exclusively with the help of Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures in a particular dilution applied locally to the affected part. This promotes good wound healing with the help of excellent granulation tissue formation and by preventing secondary infection of the wound.

These Homoeopathic local medicines do not sog or macerate the margins of the wound and effectively control secondary infection as has been found out on extensive clinical studies carried out at the sai Diabetic Foot Gangrene Hospital and Research Institute. The clinical studies hold true also for the efficacy of the Oral Homoeopathic Medicines.

1) All information provided herein is correct to the best of our knowledge and as experienced at our clinics. This however does not amount to the purport that this body of knowledge constitutes any research based on international medical research protocols.

2)Kindly Contact us Via E-Mail or Post or Telephone before visiting the sai Diabetic Foot and Gangrene Hospital.

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